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Expert Advisor (Forex Robot)

Progress of information and computer technology promises an interesting facility in trading forex (foreign exchange), the use of automated trading feature (automated trading) with Expert Advisor.

Expert Advisors can only run on a platform / MetaTrader trading software and created using the programming language to assist in trading decisions and overcome the weaknesses of human nature in the trade, for example: fatigue, fear, greed, inconsistent, and so forth.

Expert Advisor is often called a forex robot can perform some automatic trading execution and relatively faster than humans because the facility is suitable for traders who want the ease of trading. Traders do not have to monitor the movement of forex (foreign exchange) are nonstop as to what is generally done if the trader has a floating loss. Expert Advisor (Forex Robot) can take over in order to open, close orders that have been profit, cut loss, or money management. But remember that you can not fully rely on Expert Advisors (Forex Robots) without understanding how, basic, and forex trading mechanism itself. Participation is very important trader in the forex trading using the robot, because the timing and setting the proper use of Expert Advisors (Forex Robots) will determine the success of a trader.